Reliable Products

SCM is a professional offshore cranes manufacturer and has been certified with API Q1 and Q2 since 1999. SCM offshore cranes comply with requirements of international rules, standards and certification. Customized designs enable the cranes are suitable to use at various offshore conditions. The SWL of the cranes can be from 5t to 500t, and the max. boom length can reach to 80 metres.

Supplier of main equipment and components for offshore cranes for your selection.

SCM has been successfually developing the tough and reliable marine deck cranes since 1980s, complying with international standards and certification requirement. The cranes are various types and for deferent purpose including cargo cranes, hose handing cranes, knuckle jib cranes, telescopic cranes, gantry cranes, etc..

SCM has specialized in designing and manufacturing electric and hydraulic deck machinery since 1970s. We also have successful experience on license manufacturing deck machinery for Ulstein. SCM deck machinery includes windlass/mooring winch, anchor handling winch, towing winch, capstan. The Main features are electric motor or hydraulic motor driven, remote control system, constant tension system, automatic spooling unit, load monitoring system indicating pull, speed, length of rope paying out etc..

SCM has specialized in designing and manufacturing electric of hydraulic heavy machinery since 1980s. The machinery are various types, e.g. sugar machinery, meat processing machinery, tyre crane, LNG storage tank crane, etc..