Modern Production Facilities

SCM headquarter is located in the east of Wuzhou, Guangxi, China, and has whole process workshops such as surface-treating, material-cutting, welding, machining, general assembly etc. and complete organization with business development, offshore equipment department, design and engineering department, production management department, purchasing department, quality control department etc..

SCM headquarter has 800 sets of various manufacturing and machining equipment for NC cutting, NC machining, auto welding, airless spraying, heat treatment, testing, etc..

SCM headquarter has 3 sets of CNC plasma cutting machine, a set of CNC pipe beveling machine and an array of manual cutting machines, which can complete the cutting job promptly and accurately, various plates and pipes are included.

SCM headquater has 3 large welding workshops with automatic submerged are welding machine and CO2 shield welder, dozens of skilled and qualified welders, welding capacity is nearly 6000 tons annually.

SCM headquarter has 2 large machining workshops with modernized equipments, such as horizontal machining centre, vertical machining centre, CNC lathe, CNC three-roll plate bending machine etc., which can completely process of grinding, drilling, boring, milling etc. to meet the requirement of crane parts.

SCM headquarter has 2 large assembling workshops and the indoor assembly area is in excess of 7000 square metres, with 4 sets of overhead cranes and more than 100 skilled and experinced workers, each of them has the record of installing, debugging and onboard testing over ten sets of cranes.

SCM headquarter has over 30,000 square metres of testing area. There are 10 sets of crane testing stands with the maximum testing load of 2500Tm for various crane factory tests. And there are also 3 sets of winch testing stands with the maximum testing pull up to 200T for testing various winches.

Guangzhou has overall area of 128,000 square metres, and building area is about 30,000 square metres. At the end of 2008, two main workshops of 18,960 square metres equipped with heavy duty machines and facilities were completed and put into production. Since then, many large offshore equipments such 150T, 200T, 300T offshore cranes, 65T gantry crane etc. have been faricated, assembled, tested and delivered there.

There are 5 crane test stands with overturn moments of 2,000TM and 3,500TM. And more large test stands(Max. capacity 25,000TM) will be built according to actual requirements.